Shabbos HaGadol 5774
12 NISSAN 5774, APRIL 12, 2014

Shabbos HaGadol Drasha at 6:00 PM for Men & Women
Topic: "Proving Emunah to Our Children: The Real
Prize of the Afikoman"


SHABBOS SCHEDULE   * Shaya Gross Dvar Torah
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Candles / Licht - 7:22 PM
Mincha Erev Shabbos - 7:25 PM
Mishna Berurah Shiur - 8:25 AM
Shacharis - 8:45 AM
Sof Zman Krias Shema - 9:50 AM
Daf Yomi - 5:20 PM
HaGadol Drasha - 6:00 PM for Men & Women
"Proving Emunah to Our Children: The Real Prize of the Afikoman"
Mincha - 7:00 PM
Maariv - 8:23 PM (72 min 8:54 PM)

Likutei Maharan Chabura - 9:15 AM
Mechiras Chometz - 10:30-11:30 AM
HS Boys Chagiga Shiur -
No Shiur this week
Mincha/Maariv - 7:30 PM


- Special thanks to R' Naftoli Edinger for laining this week.
Refuah Sheleimah to R' Dave Rosen.
Mechiras Chometz with Rabbi Schwartz is this Sunday April 13th at 10:30-11:30 AM at SMH.

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Bikur Cholim of Baltimore’s Annual Women’s Brunch will be held Sunday, May 11 at Libery Jewish
Center at 10:00 a.m.  Volunteers will be acknowledged in a Scroll of Appreciation with special
recognition to mother and daughter volunteers Esther Boehm and Rivky Boehm Anisfeld, Toby and
Tzini Friedman and Beth and Rochie Tenenbaum. Minimum donation is $25. Any contribution above
$36 will be listed in the Scroll of Appreciation (includes admission).  Dr. Moshay Cooper will share a
personal hakaros hatov story.  For reservations call 410-999-3700 x103 or registering at the www.

CHAI Homebuyers’ Fair!
Become eligible to receive a $5,000.00  “Buying into Baltimore”  Award to offset settlement expenses.
Tour open houses in the CHAI neighborhoods. Meet with real estate lenders and other housing
professionals. Tuesday, April 29, 2014, 5:00 p.m. at the Weinberg Park Heights JCC , 5700 Park
Heights Avenue, Baltimore. To register Call Steven Block at 410-500-5309 or E-mail to,

Ohr Chadash Academy Kindergarten
Do you have a child going into Kindergarten? Take a tour of Ohr Chadash Academy. OCA provides an
excellent Judaic and general studies education, with our highly motivating, Torah-driven curriculum.  
We encourage both individual accomplishment as well as participation in a caring community by
using differentiated instruction and state-of-the-art educational technology. Each individual student
accesses a carefully designed, experiential and sophisticated learning process leading to mastery of
skills and concepts necessary for students to engage in the world around them and to contribute as
confident leaders to the Jewish community and society at large.  Registration is now open for
preschool through grade 5 at  Call 410-500-5984 or for more information.  

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