25 ELUL 5774, SEPTEMBER 20, 2014
4th Perek of Pirkei Avos

Prepare for Rosh Hashanah -  Women's Shiur this Shabbos 5:15-5:45 PM - Yomim Noraim
Inspiration w/Rabbi Schwartz

SHABBOS SCHEDULE   * Shaya Gross z'l Dvar Torah
Check Eruv Hotline at 410-358-3788
Candles / Licht - 6:50 PM
Mincha Erev Shabbos - 6:50 PM
Mishna Berurah Shiur - 8:25 AM
Shacharis - 8:45 AM
women's entrance in back
Sof Zman Krias Shema - 9:56 AM
Women's Shiur - 5:15-5:45 PM for Yomim Noraim Inspiration w/Rabbi Schwartz
Daf Yomi - 5:50 PM
Dor L'Dor Learning - 6:05 pm
Mincha - 6:35 PM
Siyum Nezikin by the Chevra Mishnayos sponsored by Rabbi & Mrs. Shalom Ozer
Feigelmen l'n Beatrice Feigelman & Avrohom S. Michaeli
following Mincha. Refreshments served.
Maariv - 7:47 PM (72 min 8:19 PM)

רוקח לשבת:הרעה באחרית הימים: התחלתן בגימטריא גוג

Likutei Maharan Chabura - 9:15 AM
Mincha / Maariv 6:55 PM

- Seats for Yomim Noraim - Please book your seats for Yomim Noraim with Dr. Elimelech Goldstein
who can be reached via email at Members $90/seat Non-Members
$120/seat. Membership is $250. Payments can be made online at
donations or person check
payable to: Cong. Shomrei Mishmeres.
Mazel Tov to Rephoel Wealcatch & Elisheva Steinberg on their engagement last week. Mazel Tov
to their parents Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Steinberg and Rabbi & Mrs. Yaakov Wealcatch.
Mazel Tov to Mr. & Mrs. Aryeh Leib Youlus on the birth a their daughter Tova Frumit last week.
Mazel Tov to their parents
Rabbi & Mrs. Menachem Youlus and their entire family.
- Special
thanks to R' Naftoli Edinger for Laining this week.
Keren Hashviis - SMH purchased a plot of land in Israel to afford anyone, with a nominal donation to
the Shul, to
participate in the special Mitzvah of Shemittah. Payments (in any amount) can be made
online at
donations (general donation with note for keren hashviis) or by check payable to Cong.
Shomrei Mishmeres (with note for keren hashviis).

Special Thanks to our donors. May Hashem grant you much success in all of your endeavors:
- Rabbi & Mrs. Shaul Broner (Detroit, MI)
- Rabbi & Mrs. Michoel Eisemann (Detroit, MI)
- Rabbi & Mrs. Eli Glaser - for Keren Hasviis
- Mr. & Mrs. Eliezer Hamby
- Rabbi & Mrs. Dovid Hochberg
- Rabbi Dr. & Mrs. Menachem Kovacs
- for Keren Hasviis
- Mr. & Mrs. Capp Myrowitz - for Keren Hasviis
- Mr. & Mrs. Eliezer Weinreb

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